New Zealand approved the return of Fiji Airways 737 MAX to its skies

The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand has approved the return of the 737 MAX to its skies after grounding the type for more than two years.
Although none of the carriers based in Air New Zealand or Australia operate the MAX, Fiji Airways sent the MAX jets to New Zealand before it was grounded. Fiji Airways was keen to return its MAX jets on flights to New Zealand.

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Fiji Airways 737

However, only two of the five 737 MAX jets can fly into New Zealand, as others will undergo further review from New Zealand’s CAA in days to come. In a statement, New Zealand CAA’s Deputy Executive Director, David Harrison, said:
“We have conducted a comprehensive and impartial assessment of Fiji Airways’ efforts to restore service to its 737 MAX aircraft and are satisfied that these aircraft are safe to operate.”
Although the date for the resumption of Boeing 737 MAX jets isn’t decided yet, Harrison promised that no detail had been overlooked in ensuring the aircraft’s safe return to New Zealand’s skies.

Fiji Airways has been closely working with regulators for the last two years to get the green light to Australian and New Zealand skies, the carrier’s key destinations.

737 Max of Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways has received two additional Boeing 737 MAX-8 aircraft, with both arriving in Nadi last month. Last month, the aircraft flew via Seattle to Fiji through Honolulu. This increases Fiji Airways’ total number of 737 MAXs to four, with one MAX still delivered.

737 Max cleared for fly again

During early April, Fiji’s Civil Aviation Authority approved the 737 MAX for re-entry into the country.  Significant tourist travel between Fiji and its large Australian and New Zealand sectors has ceased, though all three nations’ borders closed. As a consequence, Fiji Airways currently has brand new MAX aircraft but no place to operate them.

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