Newly arrived Let-410 approved for airworthiness

Nose View of new Let 410 at East Helipad TIA, Nepal

Newly arrived Let-410 approved for airworthiness

March 5, 2017- Kathmandu

Goma Air’s newly arrived two Let-410 aircraft has been approved for the airworthiness.

According to our source, the aircraft had been inspected for the certificate of airworthiness yesterday. Engineer Ritesh Pant from Flight Standard Safety Inspection depart from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal had inspected the airworthiness of both the aircraft.

Two aircraft took off from TIA Katmandu at 12:45 pm and 2:30 pm respectively for the airworthiness and safety checks yesterday. Instructor Pilots for Goma Air Captain Ang Dorje Sherpa and Captain Rabindra Bahadur Roka had led the two Let-410 aircraft for the test flight.

Both the Czech manufactured Let-410 aircraft had landed back to TIA after forty-five minutes of in-flight inspection. Engineer Ritesh Pant, representative of CAAN for the flight standard and safety inspection had invigilated the forty-five minutes of in-flight standard and airworthy inspection.

Source had reported us that both the Let-410 aircraft successfully had completed the airworthiness inspection yesterday but the official declaration from CAAN only arrived this afternoon with the issuance of test report and certificate of airworthiness.

”The airlines will commence the first commercial flight of the two tested Let-410 aircraft from 7 of March” added the source.

The aircraft were manufactured in the Czech Republic and were operated for eight hundred hours of flight operation by a local airliner in Chita, Russia before arriving Nepal.

Goma now has four Let-410 and two Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft for its flight operation.

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