Newly debuted Helicopter Society of Nepal meets the Tourism Minister

Newly formed association of Helicopter companies of Nepal ‘Helicopter society of Nepal’ have made an official meeting with honorable Tourism Minister (MoCTCA) Rabindra Adhikari to explain about its importance and need on Sunday, 14th of October.

Director of the association Captain Rameshwor Thapa explained about the association to the minister along with other high level delegates of the ministry couple of days before. He explained about need for establishment of the association and its activities. He also added about current situation and difficulties faced by helicopter companies.

The society stated that the government should give importance to contribution made by the helicopter companies during various uncertain situation and casualties and they also expressed commitment to increase air safety and co-operate with government bodies.

The society also explained about use of helicopters in tourism field along with problems and challenges faced during various course of time. He also indicated about fake rescue scam and unwanted suspension over various helicopter operators for different incidents and worried that it might provide negative influence internationally.

Minister also responded that it’s his responsibility over helicopter and aviation industry and will coordinate with helicopter and other tourism industry and urged helicopter companies to work for welfare and development of economy in the country.

Couple of weeks ago, helicopter operators established their own association after having themselves separated themselves from Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN) to form new association ‘Helicopter Society of Nepal’ following lack of initiation from AOAN to resolve fake rescue case.

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