News on Pokhara Int’l Airport being ineligible for operation is delusive, says CAAN

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has issued a press release regarding the news published about under construction Pokhara International Airport being ineligible for international commercial flight operation.

Various online medias, social sites, news medias generated the news about the Pokhara International Airport being inappropriate for commercial flight operations after detail survey and report presented by Experts group formulated from  Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA). However, CAAN has said that the negative information published about the airport is a matter of disgrace.

The land acquisition process for the Pokhara Regional International Airport located at the capital of State No. 4 had been started from the year 2032 B.S. and is continuing till now. As per now, a total of 3650 ropanis of land and settlements at that area has already been acquired, reports CAAN.

Besides, the Government of Nepal has designated the airport as the national pride project so, it is sad to hear that the project is getting lots of criticism, adds CAAN.

The statement also says that the regional international airport which is the dream of Pokhrelis for the past 40 years has been proposed for the further development and enhancement of the tourism fanatic place. The government keeping the concern of increasing air traffic at Kathmandu started the construction of Pokhara Regional International Airport under Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) model and more than 8 per cent of physical progress have been already achieved.

CAAN also said that the false information circulated on various Medias beyond the study report of Experts group from MoCTCA has created misunderstanding among the public.

It has been clarified through the press release that the Procedure Design of the airport has been forwarded for approval to CAAN and the initial process for doing so has begun. CAAN on the conclusion of the statement requested everyone to support the authority for making the national pride project a success.

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