Nijgadh Airport project to face challenge for relocating 1476 houses

Senior leader of Nepal Communist Party Madhav Kumar Nepal said that the main challenge for Nijgadh International Airport project is to displace 1476 houses of Tangia Basti and relocate. The airport project has identified 1476 squatters who need to be relocated. The airport will get sufficient space for runway construction after the relocation only.

Madhav Kumar Nepal also informed that the airport project will not halt at any cost if the project committee can relocate squatters of Tangia Basti. The relocation should be done as soon as possible, advised Mr. Nepal.

The Environmental Impact Assessment report has identified resettlement areas on the southern side of the project where landless people can be relocated. As per the airport project committee, three places have been shortlisted as potential areas for the relocation namely Piluwa of Ward 16, Ramnagar Haraiya of 17 and Uttar Tamagadhi of Kolhawi Municipality. Almost 4 modalities have been discussed for the relocation.

The airport project has declared NRs. 4,60,000 per kattha for land connecting with main road, NRs. 3,39,250 per kattha for land connecting feeder road and NRs. 2,41,500 per kattha for land without road connection.

The state government has been requested to work effectively for the initiation of the national pride project.

It seems that this situation can be a pausing factor for construction a national pride project if not sorted out soon.

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