Peripheral roads to be constructed around Nijgadh Airport

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Peripheral roads to be constructed around Nijgadh Airport

 January 30, 2017-Kathmandu

Nijgadh airport which is considered one of the crucial projects for the country will have peripheral roads developed around its vicinity first.

The airport, which is crucial and is slated to handle flights effectively than the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) even being the first to crusade the list of elite airports in Southeast Asia from Nepal if completed, will first have roads built for the easiness in the construction of the airport.

It has been decided that Nepal Army will be conducting the road construction. For that, permission must be taken from the Ministry of Forestry and Soil Conservation and CAAN has been waiting for the official confirmation.

After that, the work will be progressed and the required trees will be cut down and some inhibited lands will be acquired. Later on, roads will be constructed by the Nepal Army which has enough experience and skill for the road construction.

The airport which is slated to be built in Bara, Nijgadh. The airport is slated to be completed within five years for its primary phase and  construction is going on but it is not going as nicely as it should have.

The government has ordained 2.5 billion rupees for the project for this fiscal year and additional money will be required to acquired lands for the airport.

Nepal has 56 airports totally out of which most are in bad and haphazardly managed state while the only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport also lacks enough infrastructure and skilled manpower to handle the growing number of flights and passenger traffic. Likewise, the congestion problem is not unknown.

Even the airlines in Nepal have been increasing their fleet and bringing in huge aircraft like Nepal Airlines and Himalaya Airlines has been doing but TIA lacks the facility to hold such aircraft and operate them.

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