No additional land will be acquired for Pokhara Int’l Airport project, says Minister Adhikari

After Pokhara Regional International Airport project faced local protest against additional land acquisition to expand the area of the airport in the north-east and South part, Mr. Rabindra Adhikari, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has directed not to acquire additional land for construction of the airport.

In the inauguration ceremony of the foundation for the construction of the terminal building on August 22, 2018, Minister Adhikari urged local people to be blissful as there is no need of additional land for the construction of a terminal building at the airport to be constructed. He also said that in the case of additional land acquisition for a simple component, the land will be acquired only after the agreement between the government and local.

According to the geographical situation of Pokhara, only 192-200 seated capacity aircraft can operate flights in 2500 m the runway of Pokhara International Airport. Minister Adhikari has planned to construct a hanger and fuel storage facility within the airport and informed that land acquisition for any work will not be conducted at present.

The airport project has already achieved almost 15 percent of physical progress. Minister Adhikari affirmed that construction of Pokhara regional international airport will be achieved before the projected time.

The airport project became controversial previously as the news about the airport being inappropriate for commercial flight operations after detail survey and report presented by Experts group formulated from Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA). However, CAAN has said that the negative information published about the airport is a matter of disgrace.

Recently, Prime Minister KP Oli inspected the under construction Pokhara Regional International Airport. Prime Minister Oli on his presence on 19th Annual General Assembly of Pokhara University, visited the construction site and took information about the construction progress of the Airport.

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