No Any Proposal For Auction Of 3 BAe Jetstream 41 and 2 Dornier 228 of Agni Air

No Any Proposal For Auction Of 3 BAe Jetstream 41 and 2 Dornier 228 of Agni Air

       Agni Air was the successful Airline operating in Nepal during the initial phase of foundation. It was founded in March 2006 whose hub was Tribhuvan International Airport. It had 4 Dornier 228 and 3 BAe Jetstream 41. Unfortunately, the crash in 2010 and 2012 resulted the loss of 2 Dornier 228 which made company in full debt. The inability of company to run the airline caused the grounding of 3 Jetstream 41 which ceased the airline ultimately.

     The owner of Agni Air had taken loan from 2 Banks and 1 financial company. The inability of airline to clear the debt of 70 crore had resulted the auction of those 5 aircraft which is still being unsuccessful. Those banks and finance company are in dilemma as no any proposal has come for buying those 5 aircraft.

     Currently, 3 Jetstream 41 with callsigns 9N-AIO, 9N-AIP, 9N-AIQ and 2 Do-228 with callsigns 9N-AJH , 9N-AAI belongs to Agni Air. Two Do-228 of Agni’s has been leased by Simrik Airlines since 2013 and is being flown by it.

   The private company Simrik Airlines has also not shown any interest on buying those five aircraft of Agni Air. One of the official of Simrik Airlines stated that buying those 5 aircraft of Agni Air will be very costly for them and the impairment of 3 Jetstream 41 will cost even more than crore , that’s why there’s no any meaning of buying such aircraft.

    It has been reported that Grand Bank Ltd. and Sunrise Bank Ltd. has 35-35 percentages of capital whereas International Leasing Finance (ILF) Company has 30 percentages of capital in Agni Air.

Despite the repetitive announcement of auction related public information, no any proposal has come yet.

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