No signs of resuming regular domestic flights

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, which had been tasked with resuming domestic flights, has stepped back. There are signs that regular domestic flights, suspended for about a month and a half due to the second wave of Corona, may not recommence quickly.

The Ministry of Tourism said last week that it would begin work on a new framework to launch regular domestic flights.

According to Secretary Yadav Prasad Koirala, the ministry has now delegated responsibility for homework to the CCMC to initiate the flight after Friday’s meeting. “We intended to complete our assigned tasks to resume normal flying operations. CCMC has now been assigned this task,’ he said.

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Nepal to initiate the resumption of flights from India to Nepal and vice versa

The CCMC said that it could only suggest resuming domestic flights after a week of study and homework. However, no clear strategy on when to let public transportation (vehicles) operate has been developed.

However, it is understood that the CCMC could create a framework for the resumption of flights, taking into account possible protests from public transport operators.
In response to the CCMC’s plan to restart domestic flights, an aviation official said, “CCMC has expressed optimism about the possibility of resumed domestic flights. However, with the resumption of air travel, there is the discussion of resuming public transportation. Even during the first wave, there was debate around the abandonment of public transit in favor of commercial aviation. It has been revealed that the timing for the resumption of domestic flights will be determined in light of this situation.
The airline operators’ group has been pleading with the government to resume regular flights to accessible locations in exchange for adopting health safety regulations.

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