NOC trying to ease aviation fuel supply at the peak season

The sole international airport of the country is facing the shortage of aviation fuel since couple of days due to the erratic fuel supply from India. The total stock capacity of TIA’s aviation turbine fuel (ATF) depot is 7,000 kiloliters and till day before yesterday the stock was limited to 1400 kiloliters.

Chief of ATF Depot Mr. Manoj Thakur reported, “Till the end of Shrawan, we had stock of 5000 kiloliters of aviation turbine fuel but now we have only 1400 kiloliters left. Due to massive flood at Terai region, our tankers were deprived of loading ATF for about 7 to 8 weeks. Moreover, the election program at Province No.2 also denied our tankers to enter India.”

“We are also facing some difficulties from Indian side while supplying the fuel. At present, the tankers passing through the Indian custom must engage an online entry and for that time required is unacceptable. We are desperately trying to push the Ministry to negotiate with Indian side for making the custom policies simple and effective. Officials from NOC (Nepal Oil Corporation), Ministry and Indian Embassy have moved to Raxaul for solving the issues”, Thakur added.

The shortage of fuel will lessen soon as the situation is improving. The online entry system at the border has been expedited. NOC received 1200 kiloliters of ATF from 60 tankers on 24th Sept. 2017 and over 1000 kiloliters from 50 tankers day before yesterday. NOC expects to receive more than 1000 kiloliters of fuel from 50 tankers today.

This is the peak season for Nepali aviation as the main festival and peak tourist season is arriving. The domestic and international airlines secure more than 90% occupancy so, fuel shortage is sure to hamper the airlines. NOC is working effectively to continue the smooth flight operation at the peak season.

At present, daily consumption of ATF at TIA exceeds 600 kiloliters for which NOC is having harsh time satisfying all the airline operators. The domestic airlines consume between 70-80 kiloliters daily whereas one aircraft of international airline operators refuel more than 50 kiloliters daily.

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