Non-registered and non-renewed paragliding companies on ban

Pokhara Metropolitan has stated that operation of paragliding companies which failed to register and renew their company will be halted from Thursday.

Around a week ago, the metropolitan had stated to halt the flight of the most companies as most of the companies were found not paying taxes. The companies had agreed to clear all the cost in a week and the service was resumed.

However, 36 companies are still left to pay the charges though the due date has passed.

Some Companies have left to pay taxes of last 4 years and out of around 56 companies which have been established to operate paragliding, only 1 had registered and renewed till last week.

Officials of Sarangkot, most famous place for paragliding, has stated that other companies will be given an extra day to renew and pay the charges and those who fail to pay will not be allowed to make flight from Thursday onward.

Around week back, series of paragliding incident occurred which led the metropolitan to ban on solo flight and numerous paragliding incidents at various time after illegal operation of companies and use of routes which are not permitted was stated to be the major source of incident.

Paragliding companies on last Tuesday evening agreed to pay tax during a meeting with the metropolitan officials, Air Sports organization and Nepal paragliding and hand-gliding association and had agreed to pay around 83,000 Nepalese rupees each which they had not paid since 2072 BS.

Civil Aviation Authority, Pokhara has banned para-gliders for solo flights after the series of incident occurred lately. Similarly, Pokhara municipality had also stated to halt the adventurous sport effective from Wednesday stating the paragliding companies are yet to pay the taxes.

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