Norse Atlantic Airways unveiled its Viking-style livery

The Norwegian low-cost carrier Norse Atlantic Airways unveiled its Viking-style livery on August 10, 2021. Norse Atlantic shared the new livery via its Twitter handle on Tuesday,

We are very excited to share our livery finally! Check out our rebranded website for more photos of our “longships,”

Said the airlines, announcing its first destinations and exclusive photos on its new website.

The low-cost carrier had just recently announced the news of placement of six additional 787-9s Dreamliners from BOC Aviation, making the total fleet size of the airlines to 15 aircraft on August 3, 2021.

Service Commencing Soon?

The new low-cost airlines, which was recently launched in February 2021, Bjørn Tore Larsen as the company’s CEO, founder, and major shareholder. The airlines has initial plans to commence its service in the low-cost intercontinental market with the modern field-efficient and eco-friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Although the airlines had aimed to launch its service in late 2021 or early 2022, due to the continuous restriction on U.S. travel, especially between U.S. and Europe, with the increase in new Delta variants cases, the inauguration of service might be delayed to mid or late  2022. 

Regarding the matter, Larsen stated that there is no point in flying around with the empty seats, so they might not be moving along with the initial launch plan in 2021. The low-cost carrier is expecting that the demand will resume early next year, and depending upon the development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the airlines will sketch future strategies.

However, the Norse Atlantic is positive that all of their 15 Boeing Dreamliners will be flying by the summer of 2022. The tickets will be on sale approximately three months before the introductory flights.

Norse Atlantic, which is planning to carry its low-cost scheduled transatlantic flights, has been a heated subject in the aviation industry. Before the launch of the  Norse Atlantic, many long-haul low-cost carriers appeared in the market. Still, for one reason or another, none of them could live up to their promises and expectations and eventually shut their operations. So, will this low-cost long-haul airline accomplish what never has been before and revolutionize the low-cost, long route segments? Only time will tell; the innovative airlines with smart approaches on their fleet and services might actually pull it off and conquer the low-cost long-haul segment that has remained unattainable till present.

Viking Livery Inspired By Oseberg Ship

The Norse Atlantic’s CEO, Larsen revealed the reason behind the carrier’s Viking-inspired livery; the airlines wanted their carrier to reflect the innovative longship Oseberg ship that crossed the Atlantic during the Viking era.

Built-in 820 AD, the famous Norwegian Viking ship was buried in a grave mound 14 years later and later was re-discovered in 1904. The 21.5 meters long and 5 meters wide ship was used by the Norse adventurist to set out on a journey across the North Atlantic from Scandinavia. The Oseberg ship is famous for its remarkable decor and curved wood carving at the bow, the symbol of which can be seen in the livery of the Norse Atlantic Airlines. The tail fin of the new aircraft of low-cost carrier is embedded with the logo of wood carving decor of the bow of Oseberg Ship, carrying the legacy of the Norse explorers into the future.

Flying Across Six Major Cities

The Norwegian low-cost carrier aims to fly from European cities serving popular destinations like London, Oslo, and Paris to North American cities like New York, Fort Lauderdale, and Los Angeles. Operating on these introductory routes, the airline plans to extend its travel network at a later date.

Norse Atlantic will operate its Boeing 787 Dreamliners with a two-class seating configuration; the premium passenger will have services included, whereas the economy passengers can pay extra for additional services. The Norwegian airline’s Dreamliner will have  65% larger windows with USB charging on the back of the seat. The travelers will be able to enjoy other features like auto body lock and cabin dimming features with fresher, less dry air cabins. In addition to those, the Norse Atlantic passengers will be accommodated with inflight wifi and on-demand food and entertainment services.

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