NTB seeks help from CAAN to collect pending charges from Air Asia X

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has requested Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to provide assistance for the termination of Air Asia X operation certificate at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). NTB is also seeking help from CAAN to collect pending service fees of over NRs 9 crores.

A letter has been sent to CAAN in accordance to the NTB Regulations and tourism service charge conditions.

Malaysian based airline Air Asia has collected over NRs 9 crores service charge from outgoing tourists from Nepal. So, NTB seeks help from CAAN to collect the amount keeping in consideration the NTB Act 2053 and NTB Regulations 2055.

Malaysian low-cost airline company suspended all its scheduled flights between Malaysia and Nepal’s, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) from October 13, 2018. However, it has still to pay pending charge of NRs 9,23,45,474 to NTB.

NTB had informed Incentive Tours and Travel, General Sales Agent (GSA) of Air Asia X, to clear the charges repeatedly but the company did not act accordingly. The GSA only paid NRs. 2,71,20,746 so, NTB has requested CAAN to help them for penalizing the company.

AirAsia X had been conducting regular flights with its 274 seat capacity Airbus 330 aircraft. A few months ago the airline sent written notice to TIA informing the suspension of flights following the unavailability of sufficient passengers for flight operation.

Previously, AirAsia X and TIA had a controversial case in the subject of pending air services charges to be paid by AirAsia X. Though TIA warned AirAsia to cease its operation several times, the carrier fell behind to pay the pending charges.

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