Oman Air resumed the service to Kuwait, Bahrain, and Colombo

Oman Air says to resume three destinations to Kuwait, Bahrain, and Colombo. The airlines will operate two flights per week to these destinations.

On October 1, 7 months only after Oman halted air transport as part of a set of steps to curtail the coronavirus transmission, Oman revived regular international flights.

Oman Air stated that it would retain its robust protection policy across all aspects of the travel tour to ensure that passengers travel safely.

When visitors are onboarding the airplane, and at Oman’s airports, masks are needed. Distancing is preserved when visitors enter and leave the plane, which is properly washed during-trip and at the day’s conclusion. Cabin crew all carry a comprehensive collection of safety equipment, catered lunch has been altered even further to ensure protection, and a range of other measures have been implemented to protect that perhaps the passengers and crews of the carrier are still secure.

From 29 March Oman has suspended all the the Flights following the Corona Outbreak.

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