Photo and videography banned for those who work in the airline during flight

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has barred all pilots, including those engaged in scheduled flights, from photography and videography during the flight, acknowledging the consequence of flights’ safety.

CAAN Department of Flight Safety Standards amended the flight operating standards to add some norms to the pilot, air hostess, engineer, technician, flight dispatcher, and the third pilot or technician seated in the cockpit throughout the flight making strict taking photographs and videos from the device.

The Authority has confirmed that if it is appropriate to film and videotape any crew member, written approval must be received before the flight from the Director-General or other officials concerned. However, the Authority’s Department of Flight Safety Requirements has suggested that measures be taken without authorization against photos and videography.

CAAN has been releasing circulars from time to time based on grievances. During this period, by amending the requirements, this law was enforced. Director-General Pokharel said that more comprehensive guidelines would soon be made available.

The CAAN has not prohibited passengers from the photo and video shoots.


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