One Helipad on each ward campaign at Myagdi

Campaign to establish a helipad in every ward has kicked off at Myagdi. The campaign was initiated to provide immediate help to people in emergency, accidental cases and to provide help and manage during disasters and catastrophes.

The initiation has been followed with the collaboration of local level along with district disaster management committee to establish a helipad in every ward near or around the health posts or centers.

After the government’s process to provide air ambulance for easy treatment of pregnant and mother with infants along with peoples injured during serious accident, the initiation to construct helipad in every ward was started.

5 helipads have already been established in a month and the officials are now aiming to complete the objective of constructing 45 helipads in all 6 local level has paced up.

The cost of constructing a helipad is expected to be around 30 thousand rupees.

Some local representative have stated the need of 3 helipads in a ward as people need to walk nearly a day to travel from 1 ward to another.

The construction of the helipad is also expected to provide help to domestic as well as international tourists also. And this is a generous effort from the local government to provide air facility to people in need and specially in case of emergencies.

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