One reported dead, dozens positive case in Nepal’s Aviation

Section Officer from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation of Nepal along with Air Traffic Controller (ATC) officer from Kathmandu as well as many staff from domestic airlines have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 (corona virus). The names have not yet been revealed as per the source.

Source added, one senior staff of Saurya Airlines, leading domestic airlines reported dead while another 3 employees, including manager and driver, have been reported positive.

Additionally, some Airport workers, Tara Air employees, and staffs from newly established helicopter company, Annapurna Helicopters have been infected too.

Social distance being maintained at domestic terminal at Kathmandu Airport

In July, Nepal Airlines confirmed that its seven flying crew members were positive with COVID-19, including three pilots. Also, some flying crew from Himalaya Airlines had been reported positive in the past.

The employees of CAAN, airlines, and other airport employees should take extra precautions as Nepal’s government promised to resume flights from September 1.

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