Only A single runway at TIA is the biggest crisis

Kathmandu, March 10- Tribhuvan international Airport (TIA) is anticipated to exceed Sunday’s international airlines traffic record, striking 132 over the during of 24 hours on Monday, the airport authority revealed.
Middle of 6 am to 6 pm on Monday, the nation’s sole international airport, manage to handle 59 arrivals and departures hectically.TIA handled 172 domestics flights flow on Monday.
Airport authority told at least 73 flights (in and out) where managed after 6pm eventually. The airport is opened round the clock, following Wednesday’s Turkish Airlines accident that ultimately result to shutdown airport for four days.

VNKT runway
“we pulled out to handle more international flights on Monday as the crashed Turkish aircraft was shifted away from domestic taxiway to nearby Nepali Airlines’’ hanger, ”said the authority. For around an hour airport was shutdown to shift the Turkish location. The short termination of the airport eventually and unfortunately forced to divert the large number of international flights. At least 10 flights were redirect to Calcutta, lucknow and some other airports in India, while number of flights were delayed due to hectic traffic. Reluctantly Air India had to cancel four flights.
TIA frequently manages to handle 120 international flight movements on Sunday, a day after it gets resumed following the four day close. As the airport resumed its daily work at 7:30pm on Saturday, there has been 279 international airlines incoming and outgoing at Kathmandu’s airport till Monday evening.
This immense air traffic is presumed to continue more couple of days as international carriers rips to clear their backlog. Most of the airlines sum up extra flight to manage the passenger chaos.
The unusual need for air tickets have result to close down new booking on all the international flights until March 11, as per travel agents saying.

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