Overcast fog hampers VNVT “Biratnagar Domestic Airport”

Biratnagar Domestic Airport

Overcast fog hampers VNVT “Biratnagar Domestic Airport”

Biratngar- January 31, 2017

-Tamish Giri

Passengers travelling to Biratnagar have been compelled to cancel their flights due to overcast weather. According to Dinesh Koirala, Air Traffic Control at Biratnagar airport, the airport just had 1000 meters of visibility today till 3:30p.m. The officer also added that the foggy weather has resulted to zero take offs and landing.

He had also mentioned that air movement usually carries away the foggy weather but it seems like the air also isn’t favoring the airport today.

Weather reports states the weather of at Biratnagar will remain foggy throughout the day.

Since the foggy weather results to crashes Biratnagar airport will remain closed.

The ATC had also added that the condition was similar a day before until the sun showed off at 9:45 and the flight kept operating.

At normal days Biratnagar airport conducts around 12-20 flights both charter and commercial making it to be one of the busiest in the region which today has no flights operating due to poor visibility.

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