Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority fined Qatar Airways for breaching SOP

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority fined Qatar Airways for breaching the Standard Operating Procedures developed to counter the proliferation of COVID-19. A penalty of Rs 100,000 was levied against Qatar Airways by the CAA for willfully violating the SOPs developed by authorities. The SOPs were intended resuming commercial flights between nations, which had subsequently been suspended from stemming the spreading of the COVID-19.

Photo: Qatar Airways Boeing 777

The aviation authority has sanctioned Qatar Airways, a penalty of Rs 100,000 for fails to implement up upon that SOPs.Besides the charge, the carrier would be liable for all onboard travelers undergoing Covid-19 checks and, therefore, will cover the costs of quarantining everyone beyond the various sustained.

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FAA drags down Pakistan’s air safety to category 2 rating

The CAA has released a new security alert for travelers barely two days later, mostly to control the latest coronavirus outbreak.

Travelers arriving in Pakistan from overseas have also been split into two groups, as per a CAA authorities’ policy statement.

Pakistan has designated 30 groups ‘A’ nations, including Saudi Arabia, Japan, New Zealand, Turkey, China. Travelers from those 30 countries are not required for PCR testing. PCR test is almost obligatory for travelers flying from nations classified on the “B” category by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAAP).

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