Pakistan’s start up Airlines Alvir Airways looking for ERJs

Pakistan’s startup airlines Alvir Airways has been granted the Tourism Promotion and Regional Integration (TPRI) operating license by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority(PCAA). 

Photo from Alvir Airways
Photo from Alvir Airways

The statement issued by the PCCA spokesman, Saad Bin Ayub, stated that under the National Aviation Policy of 2019, the TPRI license provided to Alvir Airways would be valid for five years until June 2026.

The Director-General Khaqan Murtaza and other PCAA authorities presented the license to Alvir Airways, Tehseen Awan, General Manager Syeda Huma Batool, and COO Shahzaib Mahmood in a ceremony at the Civil Aviation Headquarters, Karachi, on 12th July 2021.

Alvir Airways: Promoting Pakistan’s Tourism

Alvir Airways plans to operate from three locations in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Quaid-e-Azam, three major airports of Pakistan to Gwadar, Skardu, and Turbat tourism of the regions and expand the horizon of the regional air access.

The TRPI operation of the airlines is expected to facilitate both natives and foreigners to explore Pakistan through a mode of safe and comfortable air transport, presenting a better image of Pakistan to the world. Even the Pakistan International Airlines contributed to the promotion of tourism of the country, the international airlines commenced flights from Faisalabad to Skardu, carrying 129 passengers in its first flight on 7th July 2021. Besides promoting domestic tourism in the country, the Pakistan International Airport also provided a new mode of air transport and cargo facilities on the route of Faisalabad and Skardu, finally fulfilling the long-standing demand of business communities and residents of the major cities. 

Photo from Alvir Airways

The Alvir airline plans to lease two of the Embraer jetliners, E195 and ERJ145, in its fleet to commence the service and intends to add more of the type in its service later. In the first phase of its service, Alvir Airways aims to cover domestic flights only before purchasing more planes. Promoting local tourism, the airline company also intends to create job opportunities in the aviation sector and secure a major position in Pakistan’s aviation segment.

Flying With Embraer

The aircraft company Alvir Airways chose to start its service with Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer that is one of the major names in the Aviation industry. The E-Jets preferred by the airline company are some of the most popular choices that have been making a name for themselves in the low-cost operating segment. Especially, the Embraer E195 delivers excellent performance and efficiency both in air and ground.

The E-Jets are built with the lowest possible aircraft operating rate so they can carry the highest revenue-generating payloads. Emphasizing the ‘fuel consumption proportion to the weight of the aircraft variable,’ Embraer designed the E-segment jetliners with a lighter-cost-saving baseline, which has made the E-Jets leaders in the best cost per trip category. Furthermore, these aircraft’s sustainable and eco-friendly features make them outstanding, integration of new sound-absorbing materials, lighter production, and quieter system, so these E-Jets can perform uncompromised and efficiently even at the noise-sensitive airports.

The E195 variant of the popular E-Jets segment has dual-class cabin settings, 12@ 42″ and 88@ 33″; on the single-class configuration, it can carry 116 passengers @32″/31″ pitch compositions and 124 passengers @31″/30″/29″ compositions. The aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 52,290 kg, a maximum landing weight of 45,800 kg, and a maximum payload of 13,917kg. E195 powered by the CF34 engines, the aircraft can carry fully loaded passengers up to a distance of 2,300 miles on a single flight.

Similarly, another top contender in the segment, ERJ145 offers the right balance between frequency and capacity; the ERJ145 is designed to smoothen the demand of flights throughout the day. This popular aircraft of the regional segment with the right-size capacity has been giving a great performance for over 20 years, covering over 26 million flight hours, and is currently in service with 36 airlines of 26 countries worldwide.

Embraer E190-E2 at TIA, Kathmandu, Nepal

The initial built to perform in the untapped market allows the airlines to operate a low-risk way of opening services in the new potential market. ERJ145 has a maximum take-off weight of 22,000 kg, a maximum landing weight of 19,300 kg, and a maximum payload of 5,786 kg. The regional aircraft that can accommodate up to 50 passengers @31″ pitch seatings can cover a distance up to 1,550 miles with Long Range(LR) version and up to 2,000 miles with the Extra Range(XR) version.

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