Pandemic results China Southern Airlines in loss: Reviews of china southern airlines

China Southern Airlines Co. plunged to a heavy loss as when the Covid-19 outbreak corroded air traffic. The carrier’s aggregate deficit came in around 8.17 billion yuan ($1.19 billion) especially in comparison with the year-ago gross income of CNY 1.69 billion. Net revenues dropped 47 percent to CNY38.96 billion, said the carrier.

Throughout the second half of the year, China Southern Airlines has said that the airline industry may indeed undergo ambiguity, as well as the negative effect of Covid-19, which may persist. The state-owned company, admittedly, said that it anticipates airline travel to regain mostly on conceivably significant growth in China’s domestic sector.

Reviews for china southern airlines.

As per the Airlines Rating, the overall rating for China Southern Airlines is 4.3 out of 10.

TripAdvisor has scored airlines 3.5, the worst that seems to be the inflight entertainment. Other Ratings for Southern Chinese airlines including legroom, seat convenience, on-board expiry, customer service, monetary value, cleanliness, check-in and boarding, and food beverage tend to be normal.

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Reviews for china southern airlines provided by one travelers

Unfortunately, with the challenges of flying during COVID, I was barely able to go home for a memorial to my father. I would like to commend China Southern for just not hesitating to me on the flight and just authorizing me for an instant refund. This helped ease a great deal of stress in my life and assisted me in unforeseen payouts. Yet only flight credit is offered to other companies, that refund has really assisted. Thank you.

Jydeoo, A domestic traveler en route from Guangzhou to Hangzhou wrote

The flight delayed several times, so we finished up waiting in the departure lounge for around three hours. I would have been able to pursue more gainful things do to my time had the delay been confirmed sooner. On the positive hand, during the waiting period, they gave some snacks. An odd canned beans instant meal was among the food and drink items: great.

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About China Southern Airlines

Affiliated with China Southern Air Holding Company Ltd, China Southern Airlines(CSA) was established on 1 July 1988 after the decentralization of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).
China Southern Airlines operates more than 3000 flights to more than 224 destinations daily in 40 countries/regions with 800 aircraft and more than 100,000 employees. As such, CSA is the biggest airline in Asia in regards to fleet size, revenue earned and passengers conveyed(seventh in the world). CSA has its headquarters in Baiyun, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

reviews of china southern airlines
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China Southern Airlines In-flight Services

First Class:

A380 First Class-Platinum:

The “Platinum” First Class-exclusive suites are spacious and provided with extra amenities. Each suite has motor-driven seats with a 23″ digital widescreen TV and fitted with a fully flat bed with six unique lighting choices. It’s fitted with a password-protected storage cabinet.

Boeing 787-8s and A330 First Class:

The First Class is equipped with Cocoon-designed seats with a built-in electric massage. The seats can be fully reclined while an oval-shaped back divider provides privacy.

It is fitted with a 17″ personal TV and a power outlet and USB port.

China Southern Airlines Business Class:

A380 Business Class:

This Business class has a layout of 1-2-1 designed for each seat to have access to the aisle. The adjacent seats in the center have a divider for privacy. The seats can be fully reclined with built-in amenities like a power outlet, USB port, reading lights, etc. These are also fitted with a 15” digital widescreen TV.

B787 and A330 Business Class:

The seats can be fully reclined to form a bed. It is also fitted with built-in amenities like a 15” personal TV, a personal stand, and shoe storage.

China Southern Airlines Premium Economy class:

The Premium Economy class is more spacious than the Economy class with a power outlet and a USB port. The seats can be reclined to form a curved bed and warm blankets and pillows are provided.

Economy Class:

The Economy Class features a 3-3-3 seat layout with adjustable headrest and seat pads. It is also fitted with a 9” personal TV.

Dining in China Southern Airlines:

Dining in First Class/Business Class:

Passengers can choose from a variety of Western and Oriental cuisine. Pre-order meals are also provided which should be informed 24 hours before the departure time for flights departing China and 48 hours for flights departing from other countries.

The Choice Food provided in China Southern airlines for the First/Business class are as follows:

• CSA Noodles

• Potted Rice with Dried Meat

• Rice Noodles in Clear Soup

China Southern Airlines “Air cellar” also serves well-known and popular liquors alongside wines, whiskey, and Brandy. Certified wine sommeliers are also available to provide the services and carefully select from over a hundred different wines.

First/Business class passengers can also enjoy an authentic Chinese tea experience. Passengers on-flight from London have the option of a relaxing British afternoon tea.

Dining for Premium Economy/Economy class:

The meals in the Premium Economy/Economy class are prepared with the passenger’s dietary preference and with the nutritional needs in mind.

The featured meals in Premium Economy classes are as follow:

• Salt Baked Chicken Rice with Green Onion and Ginger Sauce

• Fried Beef Rice

• Hainan Chicken Rice

• Fried Pork Rice with Potherb mustard

Special Meals:

China Southern Airlines also provides special meals to accommodate passenger’s religious reasons and medical conditions. The request must be submitted 24 hours in advance.

Kosher meals are also served in China Southern Airlines but they are only available for selected long-distance flights(seven hours or more). The request must be submitted 48 hours in advance.


Free Carry-on Baggages:
ClassAllowed piecesMaximum Weight per pieceMaximum dimension per piece
First Class             2p            5kg(H+L+W) = 115 cm
Business Class             1p            5kg(H+L+W) = 115 cm
Premium Economy Class             1p            5kg(H+L+W) = 115 cm
Economy Class             1p            5kg(H+L+W) = 115 cm
Important notes:

In addition to the Carry-on Baggage, extra items are also allowed inside the Airplanes to board alongside you.

Passengers                                 Items
Adults/childrenCoats, books, small camera, small binoculars, shawl, small handbag
Adults with childrenInfant food/Baby bassinets, foldable strollers
DisabledA foldable wheelchair or other mobility aids
Visually/Hearing impairedService animals(Must submit a request in an advance alongside a medical certification)
Free Checked Baggage:

 Table for Journeys between Japan, America, Southwest Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South/Central & Western Asia, Europe, and routes originating from Russia to China.

Class/PassengersMaximum number of piecesMaximum weight per pieceMaximum dimension per piece
First Class          3p        32 kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Business Class          2p        32 kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Premium Economy/Economy Class          2p        23 kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Infants without a seat          1p        10 kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Infants/Child with seat Same as for adultSame as for adultSame as for adult

Note: Flights involving Central/ Western Asia routes and routes from Singapore to China, Economy/ Premium is only permitted 1 bag not exceeding 32 kg.

Table for International routes:

Class/PassengersMaximum number of piecesMaximum weight per pieceMaximum dimension per piece
First Class          3p        32 kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Business Class          2p        32 kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Premium Economy /Economy Class          1p        32kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Infants without a seat          1p        10 kg/p(L+H+W) ≤ 158 cm
Infants/Child with seat Same as for adultSame as for adultSame as for adult

Sky Pearl Club

China Southern Airlines also have their own Frequent-Flyer program club known as Sky Pearl Club. This allows the members to earn the Base Flight Mileages by flying China Southern Airlines and also the SkyTeam members airlines.
The Sky Pearl Club membership can be divided into three tiers:
1. Sky Pearl Gold Card (SkyTeam Elite Plus)

2. Sky Pearl Silver Card (SkyTeam Elite)

3. Sky Pearl Member Card

China Southern Airlines has earned its place among “Big Three” Airlines in China. CSA proudly offers the largest passenger capacity among any airline in the People’s Republic of China. It also boasts one of the extensive networks throughout Asia linking across Europe, America, Oceania & Africa.
Being awarded as Skytrax 4 star airline, it proudly wears the logo of brilliant red kapok, the flower of Guangzhou, on its blue tail.

China Southern Airlines phone number

The China Southern Airlines phone number is +86 400 869 5539 . Anyone can contact the given number to Adjust or credit for booked tickets online, for payment purpose as well as with customer care assistance. You can contact for the international ticketing services too.

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