Pappu Construction continues sketchy work; work of Nepalgunj airport still due

Pappu construction has recently completed the runway overlaying project of Nepalgunj airport and also had proudly published about the completion of the project on its social media site, however Pappu have not still completed the whole project as assigned.

Pappu construction was assigned work of runway overlaying as well as other works that includes grading and drainage work which are yet to be completed. The work was contracted to be complete within December 1st but only runway overlaying work has been accomplished however other work are left with around 1 week to go till the deadline.

Airport Chief Prem Nath Thakur stated about the condition of the airport and reported that the officials are trying to get in touch with the construction company to review and get report about other due work.

The runway overlaying project was completed on November 16, 2018.

The airport is also currently undergoing runway extension and other work which have been given to Kanchha Ram construction and the work has been going smoothly stated Chief Thakur.

The runway of the airport which is 1500 meters long will be extended to 300m in the West and 200m towards the East and along with it other parking bays is set to be upgraded within next 1 and half years.

Pappu Construction has been accused of their sketchy works and not completing their projects on time again and again, but the most significant projects of airport infrastructure construction, roadways, bridges of the country has been awarded to it. At the end people only get disappointments and the same has happened in the case of Nepalgunj airport too. The sketchy work of Pappu Construction has still made the airport not fully ready and not worthy for the airliners to operate and the airports to run in their full intensity while only a week remains for the deadline of the project.

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