Paragliding test flight successfully executed in Ilam

Sumitra Rai, the founder president of Illam society UK informed that the test flight was conducted from Shree Aantu to Godak Mahendrabesi Siddikhola which is situated in Suryodaya municipality.

The paragliding pilot Bivek Shamsher Rana conducted the test flight for about 15 minutes on Tuesday.

Ilam has got bucket list of sight-seeing and refreshing tourism sectors. So it is believed to attract more tourists to observe those beautiful places through paragliding.

This successful workout has even paved the bright path for the Ilam Airport which is under construction on the way of its completion and hoped to serve the locals of the far eastern mountainous region along with the travelers to the hilly districts of Eastern Nepal and the tourist destinations of Darjeeling and Sikkim in India.

Earlier, at the cost of Rs70 million, the upgrading of the Ilam Airport’s runway was completed along with the construction of drainage management and road.

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