Paramotor Nepal launching Para hiking from Oct, 2016 at Pokhara.

03 Jun 2016- Pokhara – Paratrike (Paramotor) Tandem Flying Club, a flying club in Nepal launches a project designed for extreme adventure on air aimed to provide the finest adventure in flying which has brought over exciting packages for those who love adventure in the sky by introducing a new way of flying, Para hiking which is combined flying feature of Ultra-light flying and Paragliding, commercially for the first time in Nepal. The club is very positive towards providing a combo flavor of Ultra-light flying and Paragliding by its newly introduced flying machines.

The company completed all the necessary documentations and has been registered and licensed under Paramotor Nepal Pvt, Ltd. It has acquired the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and is currently licensed to fly in Pokhara and Sauraha. The team is currently working to maintain the takeoff and landing spot near Pokhara and is all set to premiere the service very soon.

Paratrike Flying Club will provide the facility of two kind of activity for its customers namely i) Sparrow Fly and ii) Falcon Fly that will feature a flight at 7000 feet as specified by CAAN for 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively featuring a spectacular view of Pokhara Valley over Phewa Lake. The takeoff and landing site is situated at a suitable location with no physical obstacles for takeoff, landing and other phase of flight, located just 5 km away from Lakeside in Chankhapur, according to an official of the company.

chankhapur Paramotor Nepal - Para Hiking

Photo: Airfield for Para Hiking located at Chankhapur

The club has fleet of 3 machines of 2 tandem aircraft and 1 solo aircraft built by a Spanish company Airfer. The engines of the aircrafts are manufactured by an Italian company Polini that provides an optimum 36 Horsepower efficiency from the reliable engine with low noise level. The spokesperson also added that their location in Pokhara is very monastic to fly. He further detailed about the Sparrow Fly that will feature a flying experience to allow flyers fly straight to TaalBarahi and make a circle over Peace Stupa at 50 kmph speed cruising at 5000 feet and return to land. Similarly, Falcon Fly will feature the flight up to level of 7000 feet in a regular intersection pattern from where flyers can view the entire mountain range and enjoy the mesmerizing grand view of Pokhara valley.


An additional rescue suite take in charge as a safety measure in case canopies get twisted which is really very rare case as it get heavy stress during the flight,  canopies are used to hold heavy object underneath that assures no such kind of incident be born during operation. The aircraft can safely land even in case of engine failure as it can glide and have wide area of land mass at Chankhapur. The flyers will not need to provide any physical strength as in paragliding instead they can just sit and enjoy moment. Therefore, a differently able person will also be able to make a flight easily from this flying club.

Portable oxygen supplies also have been maintained in the aircraft in case of breathing problem aroused during the flight of the passengers and additional 2 ways radio set is installed in each aircraft that will allow communication between pilot and passenger as well as pilot and ground staff in case of emergencies. The club recommends only adults above 15 years of age for the flight for safety concerns and is positive to provide a really adventurous service for those who want to fly without any physical pressure in other way “Adventure with Tuxedo” according to the spokesperson.

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