Passenger in trouble after NAC operates irregularly

Passenger are in trouble after Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) flights are being irregular.

According to passengers, they had brought tickets from corporations office at Nepalgunj airport a week prior and the officials of the airlines repeatedly call them stating various reason for not operating flights leaving passenger in trouble in getting flight in time.

The airline has been stating about regular flight operation but does not operate flight in scheduled time complained the passengers.

The airlines is also not operating flights to Humla district which is the only district not to be connected by roadways and people have to wait even months to get tickets or to get flight to the airport.

Passengers of mountainous and hilly region of mid and far western have mainly been affected by irregularities of flight. Flights to Humla, Jumla, Mugu, Dolpa etc.

NAC along with other private airlines have been focusing on goods transportation only as complained by troubles passengers.

Passengers have claimed that the Nepal airlines have been postponing flights stating technical problems of the aircraft and negligence of airline official as main reason for flight irregularity.

People have been stranded over hotels near airports as they are unable to get flights.

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