Passenger opens Plane’s Emergency Door before Takeoff to Get Fresh Air

A Chinese passenger surnamed Chen was detained after he opened the emergency exit of the plane while waiting for disembarkation as he claimed the cabin was ‘too hot and stuffy’. He has been detained for 15 days and Chinese low-budget carrier Lucky Air claimed it would seek compensation of 70,000 yuan (US$11,000) to cover the airline’s costs.

Chen, 25,who was returning from island of Hainan and was waiting to leave the flight at Mianyang airport in the southwestern province of Sichuan said the plane was too hot and stuffy and decided to pushed down on the window handle beside me but when the door opened instead and panicked. The entire “wall” collapsed and the emergency slide was deployed, reported the South China Morning Post.

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The Lucky Air flight number 8L9720 took off at Sanya in Hainan Province in south China and landed in Mianyang after a two hour and 40 minutes flight, according to schedule.

This isn’t the first time that passengers in China have created panic on flights. In 2014, a Chinese passenger on a domestic flight opened an emergency exit door to get a breath of fresh air as the plane prepared for takeoff. In 2017, a superstitious passenger delayed a flight from Shanghai for several hours after throwing coins at the plane’s engine for good luck.

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