Passenger saved by the spontaneous crew of Himalaya Airlines in a predicament

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Photo: Crew Members of Himalaya Airlines

Passenger saved by the spontaneous crew of Himalaya Airlines in a predicament

Kathmandu – 28 October 2016

It was October 27. The crew of Himalaya Airlines was off from a flight from Kathmandu-Doha flight at around 1:00am in Doha and heading towards immigration when they encountered a man lying on the ground who had been there for almost 5 minutes as per the eyewitnesses along with airport staffs but the medical aid was not available at the moment.

Being a proficient and considerate crew, the crew got alerted and provided first aid to the man.

Mr. Neeraj Patel, 21, was in agony from labored breathing and seizures concurrently. The efficient crew of the airlines promptly brought themselves into action and aided the man first by raising his legs, loosening the clothes and checked his pulse. Mr. Patel, at a certain point, lost his breathing and his pulse had stopped. The in-flight crew of H9 556 of Himalaya Airlines whose caliber was proudly at front in that event acted wisely and quick to provide the man, who was on the verge of death, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) in a well-judged approach till the paramedics appeared about 10 minutes later saving the man’s life. Mr. Patel was actually a passenger of Himalaya Airlines who was scheduled to travel back in the same flight which the crew later found out.

The empathetic and laudable crew members were: Capt. Ramesh Krishnan, Purser Manish Singh, Cabin Crew – Rabi Ghising, Yuwraj, Rizal, Tara Devi Pun, Ranjita Mahanka, Sakshyam Shrestha who fundamentally revitalized the man, who may not have made it through alive if not for the advanced training given to the concerned crew member which shows the capacity of crew members of the airlines and their ability to handle such emergencies.

Cabin crews are members of an aircrew employed by airlines principally to make certain the safety and comfort of passengers. They’re skilled to transact with security and emergency situations which may take place and can oversee first aid to passengers. Prior to each flight, cabin crews attend a safety consultation with the pilots and lead flight attendant. During this briefing, they go over safety and emergency checklists, the locations and amounts of emergency tools and other features precise to that aircraft type. While they perform all these things frequently, the event has also insurrected that every cabin crew has responsibilities besides being in an airplane vicinity and the crew members of Himalaya Airlines has set a benchmark towards the duties, responsibilities and ethics that they follow.

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