Passengers furious with Buddha air’s negligence

Photo: Buddha Air ATR 72-500

Passengers furious with Buddha air’s negligence

February 10, 2017-Kathmandu

By Tamish Giri

Buddha air’s flight cancellation to Bharatpur left the troubled passengers furious on 2 February. The airline had scheduled the flight to Bharatpur at 2:20 p. m with ATR- 42 aircraft but was delayed later.

According to our source, after the scheduled flight was delayed the passengers were lately on-boarded to the aircraft at around 5 p.m. But the onboard aircraft remained firm until 6 in the evening when the flight was finally canceled and all onboard passengers were offloaded from the ATR aircraft.

Source added, officials of the airlines had misinterpreted the passengers by informing them bad weather to be the reason for the cancellation of the flight whereas, lower seat capacity than the sales of the ticket for the flight made by the airlines was the actual reality behind the late cancellation.

We were also informed that the airline authority had also accused a troubled passenger for hijacking the aircraft. The authorities were trying to offload the passengers with the misinterpretation.

Source informed that it was clear later that the accused passenger had no such intention of hijacking the aircraft. But it was the officials of the aircraft who just wanted to off board the passengers with the argument.

Later, talking with an authority person of Buddha Air he reported us that the low visibility of the TIA and Bharatpur airports earlier in the morning had delayed the entire flights schedule of the day at TIA. Poor visibility compelled the airline to delay its flight for Bharatpur.

Poor visibility compelled the airline to delay its flight for Bharatpur.

Source, from Buddha, added that lack of IFR service at Bharatpur airport along with three pending international flights resulting busy schedule of the ATC at TIA had forced the airlines to cancel its flight to Bharatpur lately in the evening.

The source had also mentioned us that the airlines had dropped its entire troubled passenger to home safely by their bus and had landed them in Bharatpur next morning.

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