Passengers miraculously survive West Wind Aviation ATR-42 crash

West Wind Aviation flight crashed shortly after taking off at the Fond du Lac airport on Wednesday. The ATR-42 plane en route toward Stony Rapids around 6:15 pm was carrying 22 passengers with three crew members among which one of the passengers was an infant.

There were no fatalities and no explosion or fire however; number of people sustained injuries, some serious enough to require air ambulance services.

Emergency rescuers rescued all the passengers and crew members. The aircraft is damaged partly on side crashed in tree with a wing jump up in the air at a 45-degree.

Rick Philipenko, a spokesman for Saskatoon-based West Wind Aviation, confirmed it was one of the company’s planes that crashed a two-engine ATR 42 turbo prop.

“The primary concern for us right now is making sure that the passengers and crew are looked after,” he said.

A picture of the crash site posted on social media shows the damaged aircraft partly on its side in the trees with a wing jutting up in the air at a 45-degree angle as people search the plane.

The crashed ATR-42 aircraft belonging to West Wind Aviation

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