Passengers Onboard The United Airlines Flight 447 Posted Selfies with Oxygen Mask








Passengers Onboard The United Airlines Flight 447  Posted Selfies with Oxygen Mask


Yesterday, United Airlines A320 flight 477 enroute from Denver International Airport to LosAngeles International Airport with 159 passengers and 6 crew members carried out emergency landing at Grand Junction Airport, Colorado.


It has been reported that plane took off at around 8:25 am (UTC) from Denver Airport. Shortly after the takeoff, passengers on board the flight reported low cabin pressure to crew members. The pilots decided to land the aircraft at Grand Junction Airport after making emergency call to Air Traffic Control (ATC) and hour later they carried out landing at Grand Junction Airport.

At the time of low cabin air pressure, crew provided oxygen masks to all passengers on board the flight protecting them from hypoxia, health-illness condition. One passenger was showing the symptoms of hypoxia and had been taken to hospital.  Almost many passengers along with WWF wrestler Sheamus posted their selfies wearing oxygen mask on social medias.


The cause behind the incident is yet to be known. Airbus 320 is one of the safest and modern jet manufactured by Airbus Company, largest European Aircraft Manufacturer.







News and Photo Source: Yahoo News
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