Passengers troubled due to Nepal Airlines’ delinquency

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Passengers troubled due to Nepal Airlines’ delinquency

Kathmandu –  19 October 2016

Nepali Airlines has been giving problems to the passengers by assuring the passengers of the flights during the festive season and selling the tickets while delaying the flights that the passengers had booked earlier and forcing them to wait around.

Tickets were constantly sold before two days to Dashain assuring the passengers that the flights would be resumed. One of the irritated ticket buyer, Mr. Mahendra Gautam told that he had trouble regarding receiving and sending off his sister-in-law to Taplejung due to flight delays.

Another passenger Sarmila Baral of Thechambu, Taplejung who had to rush Kathmandu today had similar problem. She says “The weather had cleared and I was expecting the aircraft would come and I would reach within an hour but the flight got canceled and I was very upset about it.” She further said “they should have previously informed and should not have booked the tickets. The responsible people in conducting such events should be punished.”

The flights to Taplejung had been stopped earlier in Jestha but the airlines informed that 19th and 21st of Ashoj would have flights there and tickets were sold. The passengers were lured and expected return to their home but the Airlines returned their money stating that the aircraft had some technical glitches.

One of the passengers, Mr. Rajendra Strestha residing in Taplegunj Municipality-4 told that he had to return back to Taplegunj with great troubles because the flight to his home town was delayed. As of 19th of Jestha, no flights were routed there. Goma Air had previously chartered an aircraft there especially for the tourists. There are no other companies conducting any flights at recent times.

Due to unavailability of any flights, the passengers and people of Taplegunj are facing difficulties for the medical assistance.


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