Passengers unsatisfied with services from Janakpur Airport

Janakpur Airport which started its operation from 1960 still lacks adequate and efficient airport infrastructures. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has not shown any interest in upgrading the infrastructure of the Airport.

Janakpur Airport is counted among the oldest airport of Nepal. However, the facilities of toilet, drinking water, waiting room and electrical services are at its worst situation. The government has not initiated any step for enhancing the facilities at the airport.

One of the passengers reported that there is not a big difference between bus park and the airport as passengers have to wait for the aircraft laying on the ground. Apart from that, the airline company charges from Rs 2100 to Rs 4100 but the services provided are not up to the mark.

According to the Advocate Dipak Kc, VIP rooms are well organized but the terminal is not up to the level and no political parties and politicians are concerned about improving the airport.

“Janakpur Airport could not even be found in the election agenda of any political party,” he added.

Murari Prasad Poudel, head of Janakpur Airport said that the entire process related to the construction is seen by the Head Office of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) gave contractual agreement to ‘Pappu Construction’ 6 years ago for construction of a terminal building which was aimed to finish within 2071. Construction work has not yet been completed despite the agreement to be constructed in Rs. 18 million.

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