Passengers were afraid by the act of the passenger – Jet Airways

Photo: Jet Airways Boeing 737 airborne from VNKT, Nepal

Passengers were afraid by the act of the passenger – Jet Airways

February 05, 2016-Mumbai

A Jet Airways,  Flight Number W332 scheduled to Mumbai was distracted by a passenger. W332 was half was on its way to Mumbai when a passenger lost his temper and started screaming.
The flight was flying at twelve thousand feet of elevation while the person threw his meal and started screaming at onboard.

The person was traveling in an economy class configuration. He had lost his mind and had tried to enter the cockpit of the aircraft. All the on- board passengers were afraid by the act of the passenger and were assuming the flight to be hijacked by him.

He had just reached the business configuration on his attempt to enter the cockpit of in-flight aircraft when the captain and first officer stopped him from entering the cockpit. The pilots then informed the ATC at Mumbai about the conditions.

ATC reported the security persons about the condition of W332 and deployed armed officer calling it to be the case of high alert at the airport.

The person was immediately taken into custody after the flight landed. Unlike the passengers’ relatives were also waiting for his arrival at Mumbai airport and the message of his arrest flowed to them.

His relatives somehow managed to reach him and claimed him to be mentally ill with all of his medical reports and also mentioned that untimely consumption of his regular pills was the reason behind his pathetic behavior. The authorities after being convinced of him to be mentally sick had released him and handed him back to his relatives.

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