Patan Airport renovation work still not complete

Second largest airport at Far Western Development Region, Patan Airport located at Baitadi has not still completed its renovation work.

The project had begun in the aim of completing on June, 2018 however; the work is still incomplete though it was rescheduled to commence from October 2018 and to be completed by April 2019. Yet, the work has not paced up though the due date is near.

The airport was constructed in 2032 BS and came into operation from 2035 BS. However, it was closed from 2052 BS after the area was connected by road network and people opted for road transport. Before the closure of the airport, foreigners used to take chartered flights to the airport.

Gyalwo Chamling Jagdamba JB, the contractor company of the airport has repeatedly stated about completion of soil cutting, fitting and works of sub-base however the work of blacktopping the airport has not been initiated stating about various excuses like lack of sufficient fuel, frequent raining and various strikes throughout times etc.

The company has also stated that delay in acquiring ‘Asphalt Hot Mix Plant’ which is currently in Sanfebagar airport also led to delay in blacktopping the runway. With the arrival of the equipment, the work will be completed within a month stated the company official.

The renovation of the airport was started from 2073 BS after 2 decades of closure. However, the runway blacktopping work is still due to be renovated and locals have been dissatisfied with the work.

The construction of Patan Airport has been initiated at the cost of around NRs. 120 million and the runway of 590 meters long and 20 meters wide will be blacktopped. Similarly, 70 meter length and 30 meter width apron will also be blacktopped.

The government had allocated the budget for upgrading and restarting Patan Airport, which has been closed for nearly two decades under the budget announcement of 2072/73.

Patan Airport, in the middle of Baitadi, Darchula, Dadeldhura and Bajhang which is the second largest airport in the Kailali will be developed as a regional airport. The airport operation will help in increasing tourism flow as it will be the gateway to beautiful mountains like Api and Saipal as well as religious tourism.

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