Pegas fly Boeing 767-300 veers off the runway at Crimea

Pegas fly VP-BMP, a Boeing 767-300 ER, veers off the runway at Simferopol International Airport (SIP), Crimea. Flight EO123 departed Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) with 284 passengers, including crew, for Simferopol International Airport (SIP), Crimea. According to reports, all passengers and crew members are safe.

Pegas 767-300 VP BMC veered off from runway. Photo from JACDEC

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Flight IK-123 was one of the two-hour and thirty-minute flights from Moscow to Crimea. The airplane touched down on runway 19 at 10:20 a.m., 25 minutes ahead of schedule. However, while landing on runway 19, the aircraft skidded off the runway and drifted left into soft mud, eventually coming to a stop of 2,310 meters down the 3700-meter-long runway. An inquiry into the incident’s cause has been started.

However, 11 flights were delayed in their arrivals at the SIN airport due to the Boeing 767 runway excursion, according to a report in Crimean local media. This necessitated the closure of Crimea Airport for many hours until the work was performed.

The aircraft implicated in today’s incident is a 22-year-old Pegas Fly Boeing 767-300ER registration VP-BMC.

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