Perspective on Aviation Museum at Kathmandu

Airbus A330-300, probably the first airbus I have ever touched so far. This huge creature was on her surgery at Sinamangal, lying in front of Tribhuvan International Airport and was the center of attraction. I still remember a small kid jumping to see it over the wall and even his father couldn’t bottle up his excitement. All thoughts left my mind at first when I set foot in the compound and beheld its majestic form. Its ascetic body and attractive skin was really appealing to my eyes. My eyes were glued to it even as I went around the museum. I could feel its huge Engine nacelles; I had never seen such a huge engine up close, even the landing tires were colossal.

The plane itself was second Aviation museum in Nepal, after Dhangadhi Aviation museum. And this is what resulted in my country’s name being listed in Wikipedia as one with not only one but two Aviation museums. And the credit goes to none other than Capt. Bed Upreti. Innovating, such a great idea is not solely a genuine thing, but is a true example of patriotism.

Aerial photo gallery is supposed to be the prime attraction for both internal and external tourists. For a guy like me, those small miniature aircraft are surely going to pull heart. If you are passionate about Aviation and photography both, then this place is sure to be an awesome place to hangout. I would call it as a great experience, because, knowing about aeroplanes from near is not an everyday thing in a country like Nepal.

I have started anticipating feelings when I would get in the airbus and go through the galleries of amazing photographs. Those miniature aircraft are sure to drive everyone very crazy about aeroplane. This can be inspiring moment for many of us because now we need not to look above the sky, just for experiencing aeroplane. Though, we don’t have any historic invention in the field of aviation, however, this is surely going to be an immense part of Nepalese invention. For me, this museum has shown the path towards my dream of building space research center and launching rocket from Nepal with a satellite.

Our country hasn’t yet advanced in the field of technology and engineering and for that this sort of initiation can put an ample effort to youths. The future of aviation in Nepal is very brighter because of our tourism industry, so there is great possibility for our country to advance in economy. Also, the existing airlines company has added lot more new aircraft and engines in their list. The old twin otter engines have been replaced by new models. Even, the massive earthquake of 2014 brought many new aircraft to our place; V-22 Osprey from US aircraft air-force showed us other creatures around the world.

The horizon of Nepalese Aviation sky has been broadening since few years. I have always been passionate about Aviation industry and I have a lot more expectation from this museum in quenching my thirst of Aviation. If we could include some technical ideas and materials about Aeroplane in this museum then it would be an oasis.

Article By: Nikhil CM Sangroula

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