Phaplu Airport renovation project expected to complete within timeframe

The runway renovation and periphery construction project of Phaplu Airport is expected to complete within 2 months. The project has deadline till Shrawan, 2076 however, the management committee has determined to complete it by 2075.

Kasthamandap Uma and Company JV, Kathmandu took the responsibility of the renovation project with an estimated budget of NRs. 8.78 crore and till now, 80 per cent progress has been achieved.

Engineers from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) informed that the project is going on with rapid pace so that it will be completed by this year.

Till now, the renovation of runway with NRs. 5.75 crore budget, airport fencing with NRs. 3.03 crore budget and the earthwork, filling, grade down, sub-base has been completed. RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) pavement process is going on.

The apron of Phaplu airport (which can only hold 2 aircraft at present) will be able to accommodate 4 aircraft after the completion of renovation project.

Phaplu Airport being one of the iconic airstrips of Nepal features vibrant terrains, constantly changing weather and aggressive wind factor jointly inviting harsh circumstances for flight operations.

Flight transportation is much easier and preferable than road transportation to reach Phaplu so, the domestic airlines of Nepal; Nepal Airlines, Tara Air and Goma Air operate their flights to Phaplu Airport.

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