Pilots moving to other airliners without notifying their employer

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Pilots moving to other airliners without notifying their employer

December 20, 2016-Kathmandu 

Millions of rupees are invested for the technical training of the pilots in the aircraft that they haul by their respective airline companies. But, now pilots have decided to defy their employer for the lucrative salaries and additional conveniences proposed by the other airline companies.

Recently, about a dozen of pilots have moved to other companies without any previous notice due to which the respective companies have now appealed to the authorities that they should be punished for such discard.

For the better facilities provided by the companies, the pilots of Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air, Simrik Airlines, Saurya Airlines, National flag carrier Nepal Airlines and Mountain helicopters have hopped to other companies.

This act has also brought pessimism between the companies.

Big investments are made for the training of pilots and engineers but such ill-mannered act of leaving the company to other airliners is beyond the regulations and the airliners have urged to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to control these new maladies.

One of the official at CAAN told that the discussions have been done on the matter with the pilots and the concerned airline officials and it has been decided that the punishable pilots will undergo through the scrutiny on the basis of regulations related to pilots and engineer law which was recently brought in action but the carefree pilots have discarded those regulations that could even taut the airline company.

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