Plan to extend 300 meters of Surkhet airport runway

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Surkhet airport runway is set to be extended so as to operate big carrier to the airport.

The airport which has been operating aircraft with seat capacity up to 47 seats is set to be upgraded so as to operate 72 seater aircraft. Current runway at the airport will not be able to handle pressure of big aircraft thus it is set to be extended.

Currently, the runway of the aircraft is around 1250 meter long and the runway is set to be extended by 300 meter.

The airport is set to be extended in northern side as in south side there lies a highway.

However in southern side also, there lies some private houses and lands along with a school, yet the airport will be extended to south side by acquisitioning those lands and compensating the cost.

Around 5 bigha of land will be required to extend the runway and after the completion of the work, the airport will be able to handle big aircraft like 72 seater ATR aircraft.

The airport which came into operation from 1966 serves most of the remote sectors of the western part of the country with whole Karnali zone – Jumla, Humla, Kalikot, Mugu and Dolpa – together with Bajura and at times Rukum as well.

The airport is strategically important for the transportation of food grains, clothes, medicines, iodine-mixed salt, construction materials, office goods, school materials like books and stationeries as well as other commercial goods.

Surkhet Airport is situated at Birendranagar Municipality of Surkhet District, Province No. 6. It is one of the moderately busy airports of Nepal, serves most of the remote sectors of the western part of the country with whole Karnali zone.

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