Plane hits a shopping center in Melbourne

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Plane hits a shopping center in Melbourne

February-21, 2017- Melbourne

 Beech aircraft flying from Essendon Airport Melbourne scheduled to land at King Island Tasmania has crashed in a shopping mall in Melbourne.

The chartered scheduled flight was piloted by veteran pilot Quatermain. He had been flying the charter airline for last thirty-eight years and was also know for his safe landings until today.

According to Australian media, the crash has caused six deaths including the pilot but no one was harmed from the shopping center. The Beech aircraft had crashed at the warehouse section of DFO shopping center with a big explosion.

Four American golfers were traveling from the King air Beech B200 aircraft to participate in a golf tour at King Island but the aircraft landed with a high flame crash in DFO shopping center, Melbourne at 9 am this morning.

The authorities at Melbourne claims that the failure of engines may be the reason for the crash but weren’t able to investigate the crash due to fireballs. The authorities have also decided to go for the detail investigation of the crash when the site is safe to investigate.

The area was safely rescued by the fire rescuers and police authorities without victimizing a single individual at the crash site.

Aviation at Victoria State in Australia had been safe from plane crashes for last three decades.

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