Planning the perfect family holiday: a guide

Travelling as a family can be a stressful affair. With children to pack for, plans to make, and the need to get everyone ready on time, it can sometimes feel like anything but a holiday. But if you can put the following ideas and tips into action, you’ll soon be enjoying the best family holiday ever with no tantrums, issues, or concerns.

Get everyone involved

While the parents may always make the final decision, there’s no harm in writing up a little shortlist of ideal locations to visit and including the family in choosing the perfect destination. Children who feel involved and like they’ve had a say in the matter are more likely to be invested in the trip, helping to get everyone on the same page and ready for adventure!

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Make health and safety a priority

As soon as you’ve booked up your tickets and accommodation, the safety of your family should automatically be the next priority. If you want to protect your family from the unexpected but don’t know where to start, UHC Safetrip has several benefits available to families for that extra peace of mind knowing they’re covered for any accidents or injuries abroad.

Pack some snacks and devices for the kids

Being budget friendly on a trip is essential for most families. But that doesn’t mean going without home comforts on the journey to your destination. Letting your children have a few small devices can be a nice distraction and keep their minds occupied. And it’s never a bad idea to pack some homemade snacks to take with you to keep everyone happy.

Educate your children on the country they’ll be visiting

With a few YouTube videos and some handy facts, you can get the attention of even the moodiest child. And once they’ve understood more about the history and culture of a different country, they’re more likely to look forward to the trip. This can work wonders for parents with children who aren’t keen on travel or getting on planes, as it helps to give them a sense of what to expect.

Consider your accommodation carefully

This is especially important for families with younger children, or parents travelling with toddlers. Having some simple home luxuries that are recognisable to them can make all the difference after a long day of exploring.

In cases like these, seek out hotels that cater to children and make the idea of staying somewhere feel more special. While it may be tempting to get that ‘authentic’ local feel by staying somewhere a little more exotic, it may not work well for children under the age of 8.

Think of fun ways to make the holiday memorable

This doesn’t have to be an immediate plan. In fact, getting one of your favourite family pictures enlarged and framed when you’re home can work perfectly. Every time you enter your hallway or living room, you’ll have the ideal reminder of that special family holiday, and before long, you’ll all be wondering where to go next year to try and top it!

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