Pokhara and Simara to be connected by air services

The air service will be operated from Simara to Pokhara, capital of Gandaki state.

The government of Gandaki state has initiated to inaugurate Pokhara-Simara air service in the first phase with the plan to connect Pokhara directly with the other 6 states.

The concerned team of public representatives, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), State Minister of Gandaki including the stakeholders of Pokhara made decision about the possibility of flight operations to Simara and Pokhara.

According to the source, the team along with Commerce Association, Hotel & Tourism Commerce Association submitted a memorandum about a direct flight to Pokhara and Simara to Tourism Minister of Gandaki province, Bikash Lamsal after the flight were not operated as planned till date.

Tourism Minister Lamsal claimed that both states will be connected by air service within end of Baisakh month. The plan to connect both states with flights was delayed after the death of Late Rabindra Adhikari, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Hirajan Kafle, chief of Civil Aviation Authority of Simara stated that there is no barrier with air route from Pokhara to Simara. He also informed that private companies are also interested in the Simara-Pokhara flight and the authorities agreed not to interfere in the subject of providing air services to passengers.

The decision was already made 4 months earlier about flight services saying there won’t be less number of passengers in Simara-Pokhara route. It has already been discussed that the flight schedule in Simara-Pokhara route will be same as flight from Kathmandu.

The flight between Simara and Pokhara is going to be operated for the first time.

Likewise, Minister Lamsal believed that there will be increase in tourism and business promotion after conducting flights in this air route. He also planned to operate flight between Janakpur and Pokhara after connecting Pokhara and Simara in the first phase.

According to the Civil Aviation Companies, the private airline companies have examined about the Simara-Pokhara flights and are preparing for final stage.

Ministry of Gandaki has request to publish the flight schedule after deciding to operate flights Simara-Pokhara route within end of Baisakh.

The processes of connecting Pokhara to Bara and Parsa as both districts are industrial and commercial hub. Jitpur Simara Upamahanagar of Bara has agreed saying the flight frequencies will be increased as per the demands.

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