Pokhara International Airport project completes 12 percent of physical progress

Pokhara Regional International Airport project has attained 12 percent of physical progress. The construction work of the airport has been carried out with the aim of completing it on July 10, 2021.

Binesh Munkarmi, chief of Pokhara Regional International Airport Implementation Unit stated that the earthwork was completed after filling the soil about 8 million cubic meters in the runway. He said, “About 45 percent of the earthwork has been completed.” In the eastern part of the airport, required earthwork is going on.

The construction project of Pokhara International Airport is one of the national pride projects which is being constructed in 3700 ropani land.

The construction project of the international airport was started with loan assistance of 22 billion from Exim Bank of China and Chinese company CAMC engineering was awarded for the contract of construction work.

As per the information, the project is also going to distribute 60 ropanis compensation for the periphery of the project. It also said that the airport constructed under the EPC model will be completed 6 months before the time frame of the airport.

More than 2 dozen heavy equipment have already been imported for more than 170 workers. Similarly, 20 Dozers and 20 excavators are working in construction project.

In the group of 50 technical groups, 20 Nepalese including 30 Chinese are intensifying the construction of the airport. Currently, 36 tippers, drill machines and other items have been imported from China. The runway of the airport will be 2500 meters long and 60 meters width.

According to Chief Munkarmi, the construction of Parking, Terminal building, sub-way and Taxiway is being carried out currently. Due to hard soil in the construction site, it has become difficult. Though the construction work almost started after 16 months of laying the foundation, but cutting and deployment of soil was started from the last November.

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