Pokhara Regional International Airport project achieves 8 percent progress

Pokhara Regional International Airport project has achieved 8 percent of physical progress within the period of six months.

The Chinese company CAMC Engineering is currently working on high-priority basic soil submerging. As per the design guide, the essential earthwork was initiated from Kartik 27.

Before the construction of other physical structures, earthwork is important so the work is being carried out accordingly. Engineer Sanjiv Khadka said, “The progress has been satisfactory and the construction of infrastructure will take action after Baisakh.”

After the completion of earthwork, other structures are to be constructed according to the design said Krishna Chapagain, PR officer of the company. Currently, the work is being carried out without any obstructions.

The construction of the runway, terminal building, hanger, irrigation and infrastructure will begin during the monsoon as the construction is progressing according to the plan.

The construction project of the international airport was started with loan assistance of 22 billion from Exim Bank of China and is projected to complete within 10th July 2021. The project will also receive some grant from Chinese side.

At present, 100 Nepalese and 40 Chinese workers are working out of which all the Chinese workers and 40 Nepalese workers are technicians.  With the intention of carrying out the work rapidly the Chinese workers has not been provided leave. They use to take leave for the Chinese New Year which is starting from 14th of February but this time they won’t be getting leave.

According to him, the design of the runway, drainage and Terminal Building has been sent to the Civil Aviation Authority.

He said that after the completion of the earthwork, the construction of the infrastructure is to be carried out for which they need approval from the authority. Currently, the construction is being going on with the help of 45 heavy equipment.

Economist Dr. Govind Bahadur Thapa said that the construction of international airport will not only change Pokhara but the state number 4 too. Due to the prosperity in this state because of tourism, the airport will also provide additional assistance for the growth of tourist.

On the occasion of 64th anniversary of Pokhara Industry Commerce Association on Thursday, he presented the worksheet of state number 4 on condition, probability and challenges and said “The Pokharelis should cooperate in completing this pride project in time”.

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