Pokhara Regional International Airport project surrounded by disruptions

The central government of Gandaki State has strongly criticized the federal government, saying that the under-construction Pokhara Regional international airport is in re-dispute.

Representatives have expressed that numerous excuses have been raised in order to disturb the construction work of the airport.

The members of the state council questioned the government about the repeated land acquisition procedures for Pokhara International Airport which is unprofessional move.

They said that it is so irresponsible act form the government to inform about the land acquisition to local people for hangar purposes and some time for more other purposes.

The state council urged the government to take initiative to resolve the problem with proper justice to the locals.

Under the direct instruction of Prime Minister KP Oli to construct the airport that can serve for longer periods, the project authority planned to acquire more area after consulting with the technicians. The team of the project has already surveyed to expand the area of the airport in the north-east and South part.

The locals were however agitated after the repeated acquisition of land by the project. The locals expressed anger after the project process acquired land for more than 4 times in name of National pride project.

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