Police Investigation reveals NAC’s warehouse been used for gold smuggling

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Police Investigation reveals NAC’s warehouse been used for gold smuggling

February 13, 2017-Kathmandu

After a long investigation on ongoing gold smuggling at TIA, police officials have finally revealed that the smugglers have been escaping the airport security to fetch the smuggled gold out of TIA.

According to the information we received, we were informed that the smugglers have been smuggling heavy amount of gold through Sinamangal NAC oil deport corridor to get the gold out of the airport.

Smugglers were easily fetching the smuggled gold out of country’s only international airport used an under covered route and were even supported by the security personals.

High ranking police officers along with airport x-ray scan surveillance officers and even high positioning officer from TIA Custom were involved in the smuggling of gold revealed by the police investigation. Police have taken all the culprits under their custody and are currently under the investigation.

The Sinamangal and NAC oil deport corridor was occasionally used for smuggling various illegal materials including gold. Smugglers even used the NAC’s warehouse to smuggle the gold out of TIA.

According to Nepal Police, they found that the airport section from the Sinamagal oil depot gate to aircraft parking had no any security checks. In the section lied also NAC warehouse. The smugglers smuggled the gold easily without the interruption through this route.

NAC operator of TIA ground handling has a warehouse between the Sinamngal oil depot and aircraft parking corridor. The airline stores all of its essential usable and consumable commodities and sewages collected from the aircraft out there in the warehouse.

The investigation revealed that the smugglers mixed the gold and other illegal with the sewages of the aircraft and stored it in NAC’s warehouse and later easily drive them out of TIA through Sinamangal pipal tree oil deport roadway without any security checks.


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