Poor visibility effects TIA’s flight operation

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Poor visibility effects TIA’s flight operation

March 28, 2017-Kathmandu


Cloudy weather condition of the capital city has caused poor visibility to conduct the flight operation at Tribhuvan International Airport today. Less visibility has mainly affected the domestic aircraft operation at the airport.

As been reported, the airport currently has a visibility range of 4000 meters which was just 2000 at 8 a.m. this morning.

The aircraft flying with Visual Flight Rule (VFR) has remained foiled at the domestic section and the aircraft flying with Instrumental Flight Rule (IFR) were delayed with poor visibility condition.

At normal days ATC (Air Traffic Controller) at TIA allows aircraft to operate only with a visibility range of 5000 meters. According to a source, flights were delayed for more than an hour caused by the cloudy atmospheric conditions.

Aircraft flying with IFR are currently under operation but the flights with VFR are yet to operate.

We were also informed that the airport too had a poor visibility range of 2000 meters in the morning hours yesterday which had caused the delay in flight operation.

Domestic passengers traveling to and from Kathmandu have badly been affected by the poor visibility at TIA.


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