Prabhu Group Bought Muktinath Airlines.

Prabhu Group Bought Muktinath Airlines.

Muktinath Airlines, established 3 years ago with the capital of NRS. 80 million, has been bought by Prabhu Group a week ago. Currently, Muktinath Airlines operates one Robinson R-44 Raven II .

Previously, Prabhu Group had hand in the banking field only but now it’s in both Aviation field and Banking field. Prabhu has bought the airline from the group of Icchya Bahadur Dangol, Shailendra Pradhan, Saroj Shrestha and Rajesh Dangol.

It has been reported that Mr. Deviprakash Bhattachan is the chairman and Mr. Icchya Bahadur Dangol is director at Muktinath Airlines. Prabhu has planned to invest additional 30 crore on the airline. It also decides to add two more four seater helicopters within November.

At present, Muktinath Airlines serves passengers with 15 minutes and 30 minutes of flight packages worth 100$ and 200 $ respectively. It’s hub is in Pokhara and has its own hanger at Pokhara Airport.

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