Prabhu Helicopter announces vacancy for the post of pilot, trainee pilot and engineer

Prabhu Helicopter Pvt. Ltd. has announced vacancy for the post of pilot and engineer for its Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter. As per the notice published, 2 pilots are required for R66 and the requirements include current ATPL or CPL (H) rating and minimum of 1000 hrs in rotot wing and 100 hrs on type.

Likewise, the company is also looking for an engineer with B.E in Aeronautical/Aerospace or minimum of 5 years of experience in aircraft maintenance work along with R66 type rating.

The company is also providing a sponsored pilot training for 2 candidates with guarantee of enrollment in their company upon completion of course. The requirements for this training includes minimum of 18 years of age with +2 Science background (physics and maths) and all the medical requirements as designated by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

Prabhu Helicotper has requested all interested candidates who meet the requirements to send their application at:

Prabhu Helicopter is one of the progressive airline companies of Nepal is preparing to add two new Robinson R66 helicopters to its fleet which are expected to arrive at the end of May. Currently, the airline owns two R66 and one R44 series helicopter and with the addition of two more R66 the fleet size will be 5.

The company with its current base in the country’s most attractive city, Pokhara operates heli services such as helicopter scenic tours, aerial photography, and filming, corporate tours, medi-vac services, search and rescue services and honeymoon packages.

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